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February 1

John S. Rock becomes the first African-American attorney to
 practice before the United States Supreme Court. (1865) 

February 2

African American Scientist Ernest E. Just receives the 
first NAACP Spingarn Medal. (1915)

February 3

Bill White is named the first African American President 
of Baseball's National League.  (1989)

February 4

Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks is born (1913)

February 5

African American inventor Willie Johnson is issued 
patent for invention of the egg  beater. (1884)

February 6

African American tennis legend and 
human rights activist Arthur Ashe dies. (1993)

February 7

African American ragtime composer 
and performer Eubie Blake is born (1883)

February 8

18 year old San Jose native  Debi Thomas becomes 
the first African American to win the women's Senior Singles 
US Figure Skating Championship (1986)

February 9

Black dialect poet Paul Laurence Dunbar dies. (1906)

February 10

Ron Brown is elected the first African American Chairperson 
for the Democratic Party. (1989)

February 11

ANC Leader and Human Rights Activist 
Nelson Mandela is released from South African 
prison after 27 years of confinement. (1990)

February 12

NAACP Founded (1909)

February 13

National Negro Baseball League is organized. (1920)

February 14

Abolitionist Leader Frederick Douglass is born. (1817)

February 15

Jazz Legend Nat King Cole dies. (1965)

February 16

World renowned actor Levar Burton, famous for his portrayal 
of Kunta Kinte in Alex Haley's Roots, is born.  (1957)

February 17

Black Panther Party Leader Huey P. Newton is born. (1942)

February 18

Toni Morrison, the first African American 
to win Nobel Prize in Literature, is born (1931) 

February 19

 President Bill Clinton grants a posthumous pardon to 
Henry O. Flipper, the first black West Point  graduate, 
reversing Flipper's racially motivated discharge.  (1999)

February 20

    Sidney Poitier, the first African American man
to win an Academy Award, is born. (1927)

February 21

Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X is assassinated. (1965)

February 22

Renowned author, abolitionist and suffragist 
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper dies . (1911)

February 23

Civil Rights Leader WEB DuBois is born.  (1868)

February 24

Daniel Alexander Payne, the first 
African American President of an American College, is born. (1811)

February 25

Hiram Rhoades Revels is sworn in as the 
first African American United States Senator. (1870)

February 26

The Fifteenth Amendment guaranteeing that the right to vote
will not be denied on the basis of race is passed by Congress. (1869)

February 27

 Charlotte Ray, who is the first African American  woman lawyer,
graduates from Howard  University. (1872)

February 28

African American inventor Richard Spikes 
is issued patent for automatic gear shift. (1932)

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