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March 1

African American inventor Anna M. Mangin is issued 
a patent for pastry fork. (1892)

March 2

Elaine R. Jones, the first woman director-counsel
of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, is born. (1944)

March 3

Olympic Gold Medalist Jackie Joyner Kersee is born. (1962)

March 4

Miriam Makeba, the Empress of African Song, is born. (1932)

March 5

Leontine T. C. Kelly, the first African American woman bishop
of any major demomination, is born. (1920)

March  6

World renowned singer Mary Wilson is born. (1944)

March  7

Harriet Ann Jacobs, author of 
Incidents of the "Life of a Slave Girl", dies. (1897)

March  8

Louise Beavers, a Hollywood character 
actress who starred in films such as
"The Imitation of Life" and "Delightly Dangerous", is born. (1902)

March  9

Phyllis Daley is commissioned as the 
first African American US Navy nurse. (1945)

March 10

Harriet Tubman who freed hundreds of slaves dies. (1913)

March 11

Lorraine Hansberry's "A  Raisan In the Sun" becomes  the first play by an 
African American woman to premire on Broadway (1959)

March 12

African American author Virginia Hamilton, 
 America's  most honored children's author, is born. (1936)

March 13

Cynthia Tucker, the first African American woman
editor of the editorial pages of 
a major daily publication, is born. (1955)

March 14

Willie Hobbs Moore, the first African American woman
to earn a Ph.D. in physics, dies. (1994)

March 15

Educator and writer Marion Vera  Cuthbert is born. (1896) 

March 16

Rebecca J. Cole, the second African American woman
to recieve a medical degree in the United States, is born. (1846)

March 17

Civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer dies. (1977)

March 18

Hip Hop Artist, Actress and 
Talk Show Host Queen Latifah is born. (1970)

March 19

Comedienne Jackie "Moms" Mabley is born. (1894)

March 20

Singer/Songwriter Tracy Chapman is born. (1964)

March 21

Eva Beatrice Dykes  becomes  the first African American woman
to complete the requirements for a Ph.D. (1921) 

March 22

Debi Thomas becomes the first African American 
to win the World Figure Skating Championship. (1986)

March 23

Patricia Harris, first African American woman ambassador and
first African American woman cabinet member dies. (1985) 

March 24

Dr. Dorothy Irene Height, who served as president of 
the National Council of Negro Women 
for over four decades, is born. (1912)

March 25

Anti-Lynching Crusador, African American Suffragist
and NAACP Co-Founder Ida B. Wells dies. (1931)

March 26

World acclaimed singer and actress Diana Ross is born. (1944)

March 27

Jazz Singer Sarah Vaughn is born. (1924)

March 28

Crystal Bird Fauset, the first African American woman
eleted to a state legislature, dies. (1965)

March 29

Singer and Actress Pearl Bailey is born. (1918)

March 30

Renowned Blues singer Edith Goodall Wilson dies. (1981)

March 31

Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, the first African Amercan concert singer in
United States and the first African Ameircan 
to give a command performance before royalty, dies. (1876). 

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