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 December 10, 2009
Agency Programs
AACSA is constantly improving and enhancing the programs and services provided to our community. Click here to learn about our various programs like Beyond School Hours, Health & Wellness ..etc. Also, we are currently seeking volunteers, financial support and collaboration with organizations and businesses interested in the various programs listed. Click here if you are interested in making a donation to one or more of the programs listed.

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 December 6, 2010
Foster a Future, Become a Foster Parent Today
Becoming a foster parent can be a life changing experience for both the adults and children. The foster parent application process includes filling out an application and completing a background check , training along with meeting with a Social Worker for home inspection and consult. If you would like to become a foster parent or want more information on how to be a resource for the county's children need, please contact 408299KIDS or visit the Social Services website at:
 Posted on 07/11/2012
Protect Your Students from Racial Profiling

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, parents and teachers are painfully aware of widespread racial profiling targeting young men of color. Associate Editor Alice Pettway points educators toward resources that can help keep young people safe.

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