Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 Recipient

Archie Moore | Commander | The American Legion

Archie L. Moore is a multi-talented and multi-facet individual. He had many careers. He started his career in the United State Military. He has a entrepreneur spirit. For example, many of you don't know that Archie was a Process Server and he own a skating rink, fish market and (Hot) Dogs on Wheels.

After retirement from Corporate America (Kellogg�s Corporation), he directed his focus to community service efforts. Some of his involvement has been:

  • PACE- People Assisting Community Efforts
  • Serves on Board of Martha's Kitchen
  • Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Serves on the Willow Glen Community Board
  • Commander of the American Legion Post 858
  • Served on the Committee for- MLK Breakfast, Luncheon, Train Ride that are still on going
  • Volunteer's for the San Jose�s Juneteenth
He has assisted several churches in the area with their food ministries and a regular contributor to the UNCF 100 Chefs Project.

Archie is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He feels life's work is service and he truly never looks for recognition. But the committee decided that it's time to give recognition to someone who is involved and willing to give and volunteer his time. It is always said, "That behind every good man that there�s always a good woman and in this case, it's Archie's grandmother who instilled in him the philosophy of giving a service.

And as written by Alma Buzel Androzzo and sung by Mahalia Jackson is most appropriate in representing the individual known as Archie Moore.