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2012 MLK Luncheon awardees are:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Archie Moore | Commander | The American Legion

Archie L. Moore is a multi-talented and multi-facet individual. He had many careers. He started his career in the United State Military. He has a entrepreneur spirit. For example, many of you don't know that Archie was a Process Server and he own a skating rink, fish market and (Hot) Dogs on Wheels. ...more

Joanna Farris | President | African-American Cultural Center

Joanna M. Farris is a long time volunteer and community leader. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Currently, Ms. Farris is acting president of The African American Culture Center of Silicon Valley and the Former Executive Director of the African American Community Service Agency. Professionally, Ms. Farris is retired as Assistant Vice President/ Sales Manager of a local San Jose Bank. ...more

Edward Clausell

Ed is a retired engineering development manager for the IBM Corporation. He started his professional career during the 1960's where he was a navigation engineer on the Apollo Moon project in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1970, he moved to San Jose, CA and worked as a design engineer on the Bay Area Rapid Transit program (BART). After the BART program was completed, Ed continued his engineering work by designing computer disk files at the IBM San Jose development site. During his working career, Ed was awarded numerous awards, which included Outstanding Technical Achievement and Engineering Management awards. Ed held many engineering and management jobs with IBM over the years and retired in 2004, after 40 years of work. ...more

The Gene Young Award

Ken Blackmon

A native of Hammons, Indiana. Through the early years he played basketball, and coached many youngsters. After service in the Marines he settled in San Jose, California. He has always had deep feelings for those less fortunate. For 16 years he worked visiting the sick, and shut-ins.

For 19 years, he coordinated monitors for the MLK Freedom Train. He also designed logos for the T-shirts and caps, for the monitors.

He is thanked for his constant helpful service.

The Drum Major Award

Carl Ray

In 1967, San Jose educator, community activist, motivational speaker, author and former stand-up comic Carl Ray graduated from Tuskegee Institute with a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1968, Ray founded a Youth Opportunity Program in East Palo Alto, California. He began recruiting youth to attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in 1970; then in 1987 he began sponsoring tours to the universities. Ray continues to host bi-annual tours to HBCUs. To date, he has escorted more than 5,000 students on HBCU tours. ...more

Facing The Challenge Award


The mission of UGMX Development Studios is to create a safe haven to afford children and youth opportunities to blossom beyond the constraints of local neighborhoods and limited resources while making a positive difference in their lives, primarily by exploring and developing their creative and artistic talents, through the help of a professionally-supported, one on one relationship with caring adults, and to assist them in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent, and caring individuals, by providing leadership and standards of excellence.

Spirit of Service for Outstanding Pastoral Service Award

Dr. Pastor Lee Wilson | Pastor | Open Bible Baptist Church

Rev. Wilson is a native of Louisiana. He has been married for 38 years. His wife Vickie is a professional health care worker. They have two sons. Rev. Wilson is the founding Pastor of Open Bible Baptist Church. His ministry expands over 30 years. He is a graduate of: Northern California Bible College (NCBC), Bethany College, Andersonville Theological Seminary. He received his T.H.D from A.P. Clay Theological College in Kenner, Louisiana. ...more

Dr. MLK Humanitarian Gleaner Award

Rev. Milton Johnson

Reverend Milton "Bill" Johnson began preaching 15 years ago and was Ordained administer in 1996. He acknowledges his calling to the ministry in January 1996.

He works with the Community Food Distribution as a supporting member in picking up and delivering nourishments for the community.

Rev Johnson also dedicates some of his time to help support other community churches with helping out with loading and uploading of different donated food items and delivering to their areas.

We also like to thank Rev Johnson at this time for being a great team leader for the organization, a person who when in need, we can call upon for help and also a great peace maker.

Clarissa Hill

Sister Clarissa Hill, affectionately known as Clarice, is a member of Friendship Church of God in Christ in San Jose, California, where she welcomed Christ into her life in 1992. Sister Hill serves under the Pastorship of Administrative Assistant Kelly Smith. Sister Hill currently serves as Business Administrator of the Friendship church, a position she has held for several years. ...more

Fran Odoms

Fran Odoms is on Staff with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). The Lord has blessed her to travel to different countries to share the Gospel, Through Bible Lessons, Verses, Songs and Object Lessons. In this Ministry That is in 175 Countries the Lord uses her to share the Gifts He has blessed her with by Teaching and Training adults to Prepare and Present Lessons, Gospel, Songs, give an Invitation to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, and Counsel. To share with Boys and Girls. Matthew 18:14 "It is not the will of Your Father who is in Heaven that one of these little ones perish." ...more

Arvis Prince

A native of San Jose, California, a natural artist, he found through school years, that a drawing, the colors, shapes, often brought laughter to children. Later as an adult he was involved designing doctor or dentist offices, that lessen the concern of patients. Since 2005 as a resident at San Jose�s Sr. Village at Willow Glen he has volunteered to decorate the rooms for their activities. There are some residents depressed worried, and when they attend activities in room redesigned in color, shape, their worries turn to smiles. Art in the right form is a helping tool, and when used by Arvis, many people receive the advantage.

Bertha Starks

Bertha Starks is the youngest of three born in Texas. She's the mother of five adult children (JJ (deceased), Eugene, Isaac, Dan, and Jackie). Bertha lived and raised her family in Enid, Oklahoma, where she was always helping others in the community and church (St. Stephens A.M.E. Church in Enid, Oklahoma). ...more

Carlos Fernandez

A native of San Francisco, California. After a serious accident in the 1990's, he was in a coma 46 days. Revived, and went through difficult rehab. Doing daily difficult exercises. With constant hard work he overcame his physical disabilities.

Grateful for all the help he had received, he now helps others daily with rides to their doctor, moving their furniture, packing, distributing food donations, taking time to listen to their problems, and aiding them when possible. He is highly appreciated for his thoughtful caring volunteer work at San Jose's Senior Village at Willow Glen.

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