Facing The Challenge Award

Beverly White-Macklin

Beverly White-Macklin, MPH, is a Healthcare Program Manage II for the Santa Clara County's Black Infant Health Program (BIH); Adolescent Family Life Program and Immunization Education and Planning programs. She has worked in the BIH program for the past 16 years. Black Infant Health program provides an array of culturally sensitive support services to African American women and their families in Santa Clara County.

Beverly holds a BS in Health Science-Community/Occupational Health Education and a Master's Degree in Public Health from San Jose State University.

She is currently working towards her Doctorate in Health Psychology. Previously, she served as a Project Director for the American Lung Association, where she managed a California State funded tobacco grant (Project Unity Against Tobacco) working with six subcontracted churches, two Fraternities, and the African American Community Services Agency (AACSA).

Beverley experience in the health promotion area includes community program planning and evaluation, mass media communications, and marketing. She has appeared as a representative of the African American community on several television channels and has been a contributing writer of women's health related articles published in Bay Area Newsmagazines.

Beverley is a passionate advocate for the reduction of health disparities among African American pregnant and parenting women in our county and has worked with our Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet to complete the African American/African Ancestry community demographic study released this spring.