Spirit of Service Award

Pastors Oscar and Janice Dace

Pastors Oscar and Janice Dace are a ministry team like no other. Because they are first submitted to the leadership of God, they are able to lead the people of God effectively and prayerfully with wisdom and love.

Dr. Oscar Dace is an annointed preacher and teacher who delivers the Word of God with conviction and power. His words and personal testimony are inspiring and call for action. His practical and often comic delivery style has a way of allowing individuals to let their guard down so that the spirit of God can touch their hearts.

Pastor Janice Dace has a love for the people of God that is unparalleled. As a gifted counselor and teacher, her touch of excellence shines just as bright as her beautiful smile. Countless individuals and couples have been blessed with her ability to provide counsel, offer direction, and impart wisdom.