Spirit of Service for Outstanding Pastoral Service Award 2013 Recipient

Reverend Siosifa Hingano

Reverend Siosifa Hingano also known as "Sifa" was born in Tonga to a family of seven children. He has five sisters and one brother. Sifa is the baby of the family. He attended elementary and high schools in Tonga. In 1975 Sifa entered the Methodist Theological College in Tonga and in 1978 he went on to New Zealand to continue his education at New Zealand Bible College. In November 1978 he married Mele and the following year was accepted as the first Tongan to the ministry at the New Zealand Methodist Church. They started their ministry in 1983 at Hamilton. In 1986 they moved to the South Island of New Zealand to a place called Oamaru. In 1990 he was accepted to become the first Polynesian to be a Hospital Chaplain at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. In 1994, Sifa and his family moved to America for further study at the American Baptist Seminary of the West at Berkeley, California. In 1996, he was the Pastor of two churches, Biggs and Gridley United Methodist Churches. In 1998, he moved to Sanger United Methodist Church, Sanger, California where he worked for 11years. In July 2009, he became our new Pastor at Genesis United Methodist Church, San Jose, California

Education Background
In 1978, Sifa received his L.T.H (License in Theology) at the Melbourne College of Divinity Australia. S.T.H. (Scholar in Theology) from St. John Theological College of Auckland, New Zealand. He also received an A.C.P.E (Accreditation in Clinical Pastoral Education) from the Inter Church Council on Hospital Chaplaincy in New Zealand.

Sifa was recognized as the "Person of the Year" by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Honorable David Lange, for his reconciling works with ethnic conflict in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2004, Sifa was honored with the key to the City of Sanger. In 2009, he received the "Four Avenues Award" from Rotary International. He was recognized by the County of Fresno, the Board of Supervisors for his community services and they declared June 26th as "Siosifa Hingano Day". The California - Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church, elected Sifa as Delegate to the Western Jurisdiction Conference. Also, he was elected as Chairman for the Order of Elders. Sifa had the honor of being a candidate to become Bishop in 2008.

Sifa and Mele have five children: Moala, her husband Malei; Peter, his wife Liz; and Lupe, her husband Paul; Teisa and Wesley. They have five grandchildren. Moala and Lupe and their spouses are actively involved at the Sanger UMC. Peter is the Youth Pastor at a church in Stockton. His wife is active with him. Teisa and Wesley are here at Genesis UMC. Teisa and Wesley started the "Creation" Dance Production, Youth Ministry, Sunday School teaching and joined the choir at Genesis UMC. Mele is a caregiver; she joined the Church’s choir and is the boss at home.

Sifa has a vision and hope to follow the footsteps of those who came before him to continue on building the Church. He has the passion for revitalization and renewal of the Church. And, has a very strong desire to cross the boundaries of nationality, ethnicity, race and age. He is a multicultural and bi-lingual bridge-builder. A friend said, "Sifa is one of those people who has an amazing ability to bridge cultures". Sifa has a very strong faith in Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the world.