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Saturday, December 17th, 2005

The African American Community Service Agency Presents
The 2005 Real Deal Card Tournament & Fish Fry

Spades | Bid Whist | Fish Fry



Games are played to plus 500 points, minus 200 points, or 10 hands, whichever comes first. Players will draw cards from the deck to determine the first deal. The player drawing the highest-ranking card is the game's first dealer. The deal will then rotate clockwise. Cards must be properly shuffled, and then the deck is offered to the player on the right of the dealer for a "cut." Cards should be counted before play is started; any misdeal will void the hand. Use of a bid deck (by each player) is strongly recommended; however, if both teams decline this option, it may be waived. Grand Prix urges the use of bid decks, as the tonal inflection of verbal bids is eliminated. In addition, the bid of each player is very easy to see (UNO decks are used.) One player from each team is required to keep score, and the final scoresheets must be signed by a member of each partnership. Both scoresheets are returned to the main table.

First bid is made by eldest hand (player to the left of the dealer). Double Nil (Blind Nil) and "10 for 200" bids are not allowed. Each trick made in a successful combined partnership numerical bid is worth ten points. Nil bids are valued at 100 points. A Nil bid is a separate contract from a partner's numerical bid. Tricks taken by the Nil bidder (in a set Nil contract) do NOT count toward the cover hand (partner's) bid. Bags (tricks) taken by a defeated Nil hand count as Bags.The opening lead is made by the Eldest Hand (player to the left of the dealer). Spades may not be led until the Spade suit is "broken" or the player on lead is "trump tight." Each player is responsible for raking and keeping their own books.


The host must be called in the event of a possible rules / procedure violation. Revoke (nee Renege): Failure to follow suit when possible constitutes a potential revoke. A renounce situation occurs when a player determines that his/her play was incorrect, and corrects the play (follows the suit led) before the next trick is led. This is called a renounce and results in a penalty card ruling. (The penalty card remains on the table and must be played at first opportunity). An established revoke results in the loss of the bid of the offending side. The opponents are credited with the value of their bid.

Bid Out Of Turn: The premature bid may be accepted by either opponent, in which case, the bidding commences with that player - OR - the bidding reverts to the proper position, and the premature bid is then repeated. A ruling may be made if it was determined the premature bid conveyed information to the partner of this bidder.

Lead Out Of Turn: May be accepted by either opponent; otherwise the prematurely led card becomes a penalty card and must be played at the first legal opportunity. (See exposed card rule below.)

Exposed Card: Exposure of the Ace, King, or Queen of Spades, or any side suit Ace or King, before or during the round of bidding is an automatic 50-point penalty. All other prematurely exposed cards, including corrected revokes, must be played at the first opportunity. The TD/Host will also determine if an improperly exposed card affects bidding. The Rules are there to protect your rights. Play hard, have fun, and do not make your own Rulings. Your Host/TD is there if you need him.

FORMAT and SCHEDULE: The format will consist of five-seven games, or rounds. Each Pair or Team will have a different opponent for each of their five-seven games. (See Rules for games as listed below). Each team will randomly draw their first Round Assignment. If they are sitting North/South, they remain stationary for all future Rounds. Teams sitting East/West move up to the next highest numbered table for each successive Round. Thus, every Team plays seven different opponents. A minimum of FOUR wins in the qualifier is required to qualify for the Playoffs, which are single-elimination. Any Pair which wins all seven games will receive a first-round bye in the Playoffs. Seedings are based on the final W-L records of all Teams.

It is expected that all games will be concluded within 75 minutes, and the remaining 15 minutes is "break" time between rounds. Teams may always start their next Round earlier if both are available and want to play. Otherwise, each Round must start no later than the posted times.

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All proceeds will benefit the African American Community Service Agency. Dinner deliveries are available for orders of 5 or more. Tickets are non-refundable.

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