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Sabrina-Moné Lamontagne

Office Manager
Sabrina-Moné Lamontagne
is amazing.
Even if there were words provided to describe all of their awesomeness, you'd just be reading a different set of words with all of their accolades meant to tell you what we're telling you now ...
Sabrina-Moné Lamontagne
is an amazing human being.

Sabrina Lamontagne is a new addition to the AACSA team as the Office Manager. Sabrina has been an AACSA volunteer since she was an undergraduate student and also served as an AACSA Student Ambassador. She received her BS in Business Administration from San Jose State University in 2013. After graduating, she worked at KTLA, a Los Angeles TV News station, as a Local Sales Coordinator.

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Sabrina-Moné Lamontagne

Office Manager

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