The African American Community Service Agency

Strength in Unity since 1978

Our Mission

It is the mission of the African American Community Service Agency to preserve the dignity and culture of a diverse African American Community and to provide services that promote full participation of all of Santa Clara County and the general society.
The African American Community Service Agency (AACSA), founded in 1978, is one of the only African American cultural centers in the Silicon Valley. Our mission-providing quality educational, cultural, social and recreational programs, services and activities in order to perpetuate and strengthen African American identity, culture, values, traditions, knowledge and family life-is at the heart of all programs. AACSA's membership is open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, age or disability. The Agency's diverse activities and services offer a natural gateway to African American life.

AACSA has four pillars
Health & Wellness
Economic Development
Social Services

A Word from The Executive Director
I have had the humble honor to serve the organization first in the capacity of a volunteer, as a board member, and for the last eight years Executive Director.  The journey has not been easy but worth it.
We now that the next 40 year are critical of the sustainability of AACSA.  This inventory item 69, if supported, would preserve and provide AACSA with tools, resources, and funding.  
AACSA seeks as its mission to preserve the dignity and culture of a diverse African American Community and to provide services that promote full participation of all in Santa Clara County (SCC) and the general society. AACSA began in 1978 at the Antioch Baptist Church in San Jose, when its founders gathered to establish the Afro-American Community Service Agency, which supported individuals and families in need and to celebrate and preserve African American history and culture.

Over its 40 years, the agency established a successful history of serving the diverse downtown San Jose community. It has advocated on behalf of those living and working in San Jose's most challenging neighborhoods, with cultural competency in reaching African American individuals throughout SCC. AACSA also has an established track record of serving communities of color, Latinos and other non-English speaking populations.

AACSA has evolved to become a multiservice agency that serves 25,000 people each year, providing a robust complement of needs-based services with a small staff and dedicated group of volunteers who reflect the target population served. Its programs have sought to reverse the pervasive impacts of racism, providing educational, cultural, social, and recreational programs to ethnically diverse low-income children, families, and seniors. AACSA programs include:  
A First Five SCC-funded Family Resource Center, which provides families with children ages 0-5 with parenting, early literacy, kindergarten readiness, screening, assessments, family services, and referrals that support family self-sufficiency and early child development.
San Jose events, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon, which unites community, trade organizations, corporations, philanthropists, and students for a one-of-a-kind affair and Juneteenth in the Park, an AACSA-sponsored event that for over 36 years has celebrated the end of slavery in the United States.
The Beyond School Hours program, which supports the educational, health, emotional, and mental development of youth outside of school and includes Summer Science Day Camp, STEAM Saturdays, and the AACSA Leadership Academy.
The Computer Training Center which support youth and seniors;  
Health and Wellness Programs that include nutrition and exercise programming;
The Silicon Valley African American Cultural Center Project.