Looking for active, dedicated people of all ages!

AACSA volunteers are active, dedicated people of all ages. Volunteers participate on an ongoing or temporary basis, staffing the the Warrior Jackson Bridge Library and Tech Hub; teaching Seminars; and assisting with youth programs, member services and Office Administration duties. They staff our annual Juneteenth in the Park Festival, serve as support staff for our Summer Day Camp, and aid in the production of Agency mailings, special needs programming and special events.

The African American Community Service Agency is currently seeking committed civic-minded individuals to serve on our board of directors. For more details, visit our board recruitment section.

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AACSA Support Volunteers

The African American Community Service Agency is seeking volunteers for support roles within the Agency.

  • Information & Referral Volunteers
  • Social Events Outreach Volunteers
  • Web/Graphic Designer Volunteers
  • Workshop Assistance Volunteers
  • Admin/Clerical Support Volunteers
  • Library Volunteers
  • Web/Desktop Volunteer

For a complete description of our volunteer program requirements, download our volunteer.

AACSA Standing Committees

AACSA's Standing Committees plan and recommend activities and programs for Board Approval.

  • Economic Development
  • Programs
  • Youth & Young Adult Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Historical
  • Building Improvement
  • Juneteenth Festival
  • Annual Gala
  • MLK Luncheon

For more information on these committees, please visit our committees page.

Volunteer Opportunities

No volunteer opportunities available at this time. Check back soon!

AACSA Officers and Board

Recruitment of Board Members

AACSA seeks individuals to serve on the board of directors who are committed and civic-minded. A potential Board member must serve on an AACSA committee for a minimum of three months before consideration for a position on the Board.
The Board of Directors of the African American Community Service Agency (AACSA) continually accepts nominations to its board from a variety of sources to ensure broad community representation and a full complement of skills necessary to fulfill the Agency's mission. Interested individuals should possess and have demonstrated in prior community or professional service many of the following skills and characteristics:


Board members are all volunteers. The board's membership includes men and women, people of color and white, and all ranges of income. The board is proud of its diversity, yet understands it does not speak for everyone. The board seeks to maintain and build upon its diversity and to reflect ongoing changes in the African American community and encourages individuals of all backgrounds to apply.

Persons wishing to volunteer on the board should be able to commit 6-12 hours per month on Agency business, as well as, assist in raising funds. Specifically, individuals must be able to:

Applying for the Board

Submit a resume with your work experience, education, and volunteer activities to the AACSA Board of Directors via email to info@sjaacsa.org. Include a detailed cover letter letting us know why you would like to participate on the Board. You will be contacted by one of the Directors regarding the application status. All new candidates are subject to majority vote by the existing Board of Directors.