Monthly Recurring Programs

Financial Friday

Economic Empowerment and Financial Literacy

Economic empowerment for the Black community begins sharing information and resources. The African American Community Service Agency ( AACSA) has invited local financial leaders to share information  for the education and development of individual and family generational wealth.

Piece of Mind: Art Night

Piece of Mind: Art Night is a wellness program dedicated to teaching and learning new art mediums, discussing concepts and how art can connect to various areas and aspects of life; expression, and exploring creativity. Piece of Mind is hosted by Ian Young, local artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and barber.

 Community Listening Sessions

AACSA hosts community listening sessions to gather ideas, assess needs, provide clarification, and address questions about our programs and services.

Senior Citizens Connected

Senior Digital Literacy Class

The Senior Citizens Connected program is a digital literacy class for adults 55+ to get connected and educated about new technology. Program participants learn basic to intermediate computer skills such as, but not limited to email function, internet safety, digital stories, using smartphones, photography, video, and other useful topics.

Annual Recurring Programs

 Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon

The Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon observes the birthday of legendary civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A community event hosted since 1980, the annual luncheon commemorates and honors the life and legacy of Dr. King and  highlights various members of the local community and beyond who have contributed to the service of others. The MLK Luncheon unites a combination of community and trade organizations, corporations, philanthropists, and students for a one-of-a-kind event.

Senior Citizens' Valentine's Day Party

In observance and admiration for the trailblazers who have helped guide our community to its progress today, AACSA hosts the Senior Citizens' Valentine's Day Party. Seniors will enjoy a free dinner, dancing, resources, and a night of fun, courtesy of the AACSA team.

Membership Informational Luncheon

Every year, the AACSA team hosts the Membership Informational Luncheon to provide updates to donors and members regarding programs and services, membership benefits, renewal information, and how prospective donors can get involved. For more information about our membership levels, visit

Juneteenth in the Street Festival

The Juneteenth in the Streets Festival is the oldest African American cultural festival celebrating the end of slavery. Demonstrating the strength of a united African American community, the festival economically supports and displays the creativity of African American artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, it economically supports and educates the African American community and the community at large about the significant contributions made by African Americans locally and abroad.

Thanks in Giving

More than imagined, members of the community struggle to provide meals to their families especially those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. AACSA is here to meet the need, provide both warm and dry goods, and support the community through the Thanks in Giving Program.

Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

AACSA recognizes community volunteers and board members with an annual Volunteer Appreciation gathering. In addition to enjoying a delicious meal, it is an opportunity for people to get to know one another better, learn about other ways to participate, and provide feedback.

Senior Citizens Prom

Our society often overlooks and underestimates the value of senior citizens. In order to pay reverence and show our appreciation, AACSA hosts the Senior Citizens Prom. The event creates the opportunity for the AACSA to partner with the Garden City Women's Club, and local youth leaders, to honor, recognize, and celebrate the Senior members of our community.

Annual Recurring Programs

AACSA Leadership Academy:
Youth Leadership Cohort Program for High School and College Students

Underrepresented youth and young adults aspire to academic and career success, yet there is a lack of affordable leadership and mentorship programs in Santa Clara County that are designed for low-income African American and Latino youth. In response, AACSA will empower African American and minority high school and college students through its Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy connects them with mentors, engages them in service projects, increases their civic engagement, and as a result, increases their potential to graduate from high school and attend college. 

Through the year-long program and beyond, the Leadership Academy helps to break the cycle of poverty by equitably balancing the scales of opportunity for this historically underserved population.

Since the Leadership Academy’s founding five years ago,  the AACSA has supported more than 200 students with leadership development, financial literacy education, mentorship, professional development, networking opportunities, college and academic counseling, and academic support.

STEAM on Saturday: STEM Education Classes

STEAM on Saturday is a free annual program that engages youth aged 8 to 17, and their families, in enrichment and educational opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Block Party and Pack-a-Back Giveaway

Every Summer, the AACSA in partnership with Antioch Baptist Church and the National Pan-Hellenic Council Silicon Valley, hosts the Annual Block Party and Pack-a-Back Giveaway. The event features an afternoon of giving and fun for the whole family. Neighbors, community, friends, and family are invited to the agency to receive free back-to-school supplies and backpacks, and a party in the street with food, games, live music, prizes, and more.

 Safe Halloween

In observance of the holiday, Safe Halloween is an annual AACSA event dedicated to promoting family engagement by providing a safe and secure place for children and the community to enjoy activities and receive resources. This event is focused on children ages 0-5, their families, and high school and college youth, by introducing some added activities for them.

 Kids Christmas Party and Toy Giveaway

Many families continue to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and have been adversely affected economically, unable to provide their youth with gifts during the holiday season. AACSA supplements their need by hosting an Annual Toy Giveaway for families in and around the area to help celebrate the holiday season and provide toys for youth.

The African American Community Service Agency is available to community members seven days a week. Our facilities open early and close late to accommodate busy schedules. Here are some of the program our community can participate in supporting either via donation or as a volunteer.

The Vision Behind Our Programs

The African American Community Service Agency (AACSA) recognizes education and opportunity are the pathways to a meaningful life. It is reflected in the quote, “Education means emancipation.” by Frederick Douglass. The AACSA strives to educate its community in Health & Wellness, Economic Development, Human Services, and most of all Education.

The existence of people from African and African American descent in Santa Clara County continues to scatter and slowly decline. Many of the past residents have relocated to the outskirts of the Bay Area i.e. Tracy, Modesto, Stockton, Antioch, Vallejo or left the state of California entirely. For the 2.4 - 2.8% remaining, the access to centralized culturally relevant community resources, networks of influence, investment, educators, education support systems, products and services have disappeared.

The AACSA Meaningful Life Initiative (AMLI) will ensure the remaining scattered population of African and African American descent is provided the village it needs to thrive, find meaningful purpose in their lives and continue to contribute to the diverse entrepreneurship, ingenuity and economic success of Silicon Valley and Santa Clara County. The AMLI, will host culturally relevant events, celebrations of community, cradle to beyond retirement education support systems, access to county and other social services.


The Beyond School Hours program contains a collaboration of various programs designed to address the educational, health, emotional, awareness, and mental development of youth beyond their school activities. This program includes the following:
  • AACSA Leadership Academy
  • Summer Science Camp
  • Kids Club
  • Census 2020
  • Science Technology Art Math (S.T.E.A.M.) on Saturday

Computer Training Center

The Computer Training Center program includes computer education in software/ hardware, multi-media training, and other technology programs. This program model has a controlled environment that is innovative and offers an opportunity for community reintegration with private, public and community partnering.

Young Adults Education Workshop

The Young Adults Education Workshop program provides workshops and seminars designed to prepare young adults in transitioning to adult life. The program includes seminars like interview techniques, resume writing, how to dress for success, financial management, volunteerism etc.

Health & Wellness Program

The Health & Wellness Program provides events, workshops and seminars that deal with the health/mental and emotional development of the community. This program includes the following:
  • Thursday Senior Brown Bag Distribution
  • Senior Holiday/Christmas Luncheon
  • Thanksgiving Food Baskets
  • Christmas Toys for Tots

Silicon Valley African American Cultural Center Project

The San Jose, the Capital of the Silicon Valley, has always been known for its diversity and cultural crossroads. Historically, African Americans have forefront in civic works, education and technological development in the Silicon Valley. It is because of this cultural richness that created a need for a central location for cultural preservation in the Valley. The Cultural Center Project is a joint venture between the African-American Community Services Agency (AACSA) and the Antioch Housing and Economic Development Corporation (AHEDC) of Antioch Baptist Church.These two organizations have partnered to develop the only Cultural Center of its kind in the Silicon Valley. More than just a Cultural Center, the African-American Cultural Center Project is a state-of-the-art, mixed use, multi-faceted project, encompassing, a new modern "Green built" Community Center, with housing attached. Green build construction derives enhanced benefits in the health, economic, and environmental areas of living thereby improving overall quality of life.This is a community, grassroots endeavor in which the community, businesses, and organizations will be engaged to make this endeavor a huge success. To learn more about this project, how you can be involved and/or join our future monthly newsletter, visit our site at

Information Referral Center

The Information Referral Center program provides a web portal in which organizations, churches and other non-profit organizations can post a profile advertising services and activities that are value-added services to the community. The community is able to access the portal to search for organizations that provides a service they are seeking. This portal also provides the ability for organizations to post information that the community find valuable like programs, events and activities that is going on in the community. The Information Referral Center program is designed to meet a major void that has been identified by the community. Community Calendar
Community Resource Center

Information Career Center

The Information Career Center program provides tools, services and activities designed to help the community obtain jobs, intern opportunities and career development. This program provides the ability for visitors to search for jobs and intern opportunities via our computers or binders containing the job listings, interns and volunteer postings. This program also includes organizing and sponsoring job fairs at the Agency, seminars that cover anything from interview techniques to how to dress for success and workshops that allow the community to share their experiences and leads that others may take advantage to obtain a job.Community Resource Center

Referral Network for Social Services

For more information on any of our programs contact the Agency at 408.292.3276 or email us at If you are interested in working with the Fundraising Committee on any one of the programs listed, please send your interest to us at Please include your contact info and which program(s) you are interested in volunteering. We are also accepting donations in which you can specify which program(s) you want to support or you can make a general donation.
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