AACSA Official Statement

The African American Community Service Agency would like for you to know that we support and stand with you.

We see you. We recognize this is a critical moment for us collectively as we experience the convergence of a global pandemic, the disproportionate impact of that pandemic on our communities and a general blatant disregard for the lives of Black people by portions of our criminal justice system and non-Black civilians.

We stand with you. As part of the Black Community here in Santa Clara County, we stand with you against racism, violence and hate.

We continue to support you. We work to provide quality programs and services to support and strengthen the community in Silicon Valley. To address the immediate needs facing us now, we are providing virtual programs, mental health services, community outreach and a public forum in June.

Now more than ever our continued focus is to lift each other up as we navigate through the chaos of current times toward a brighter day for us all.

AACSA Programs and Services


AACSA Donations and Contributions

AACSA seeks to create and establish:

Please note: AACSA works with several Black Community Based Organizations, Black businesses, Black churches, and those not affiliated with groups/organizations. AACSA will follow up as a collective and share the individual plans of actions from the village. You are not alone. AACSA is one organization of many.

To learn more about the services, programs, and upcoming events, contact AACSA at (408) 292-3157 or e-mail: info@sjaacsa.org