Kiana Munoz

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Kiana Munoz
is amazing.
Even if there were words provided to describe all of their awesomeness, you'd just be reading a different set of words with all of their accolades meant to tell you what we're telling you now ...
Kiana Munoz
is an amazing human being.

Kiana Munoz is a Youth Engagement Coordinator here at the African American Community Service Agency. She is a current student at Evergreen Valley College studying Social Justice with plans to transfer to Howard University. As an East Side San Jose native and Afro-Latina, Kiana has always found her heart and identity within her community. Following in the footsteps of her Grandfather who was an active agent of change in San Jose serving on housing committees as well as being a part of many board of supervisor meetings; Kiana has always been at the forefront of advocacy and growth for her community.

Having previously worked for the Mount Pleasant Elementary School District as an afterschool teacher as well as recently working as a Supervised Visitation Provider for The Family Courts of Santa Clara County she brings a diverse view of Child Development and family understanding within the family court system. 

Kiana’s goal while at the agency is to create a bridge for latinx and African people, as she identifies as both cultures she hopes to be able to wholeheartedly help her people. In her spare time Kiana enjoys singing, dancing and spending time with Loved ones and Family. One of her main goals is to one day travel to Cuba and live there.

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